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Okay dudes, listen to this. (Laris and Butterfly, I told you some of this, but then something else happened which you must hear)

My evil twin has one of those double-bladed lightsabers like what Darth Maul's got. He brought it over to his babysitting job next door and was using both it and the ones belonging to that family as he played with the children. One of the little boys used the double-bladed saber to block Bryan's attack with another saber. Bryan brought his down SO HARD that the double-bladed saber BROKE IN HALF. So we now have two light sabers, technically, each with severed wires sticking out of it.

But wait! There's more!

Just a few minutes ago the doorbell rang. The little boy from next door was on the porch holding a BRAND NEW Count Dooku lightsaber for Bryan.

OK. This was Bryan's toy that broke, and it was over at their house, but BRYAN WAS THE ONE THAT BROKE IT. And they bought him a NEW ONE?! They are such a nice family.

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