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on hugs!

I think one of the reasons I like hanging out with Ali and Laris so much (and Emiko too, since we also hug)--if I listed all of them I'd never get out of this chair--is that they don't mind if I hug them and stuff. I've always been a touchy-feely sort of person, with everyone. I got made of for this in elementary school, so I stopped being openly huggy, though most people still knew me for it on through middle school.

I understand that some people just don't like being touched at all, which I can understand. I certainly don't want some person I don't know touching me. But I love to hug on my friends, male AND female. I don't understand why some people are so obsessed with sex that they have to equate every kind of affection with it. To me, a hug is the purest form of affection.

Of course if I lived in Europe this probably wouldn't be a problem. It's amazing to me that I live in a country where it's sex sex sex everywhere but so many people I've known can't stand the thought of hugging or kissing (the cheek, you know, innocent kisses) even friends, but across Europe they kiss as a greeting. Though admittedly I generally do not kiss my friends. ^_^;;; (I think I gave Laris-fluff a kiss on the head last time she was here though. ^_^;;; I'm glad this did not traumatize her for life)

Okay, now watch everyone I know online who's ever wanted to meet me change their minds... because chances are I would probably want to hug you if I met you. ^_^;;

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