April 4th, 2002

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Since blogger's down...

I should not be blogging... I should be finishing up my math homework, on which I will have a quiz tomorrow, and then vainly trying to study for the Physics test that is also tomorrow. (I gave up trying to do the vocabulary for my vocab test, and who needs French, eh?)

But instead, I am blogging, as I read Low Red Moon, which I like very much. Her rant about the amazon review of her book (which I haven't but would like to read) made me think of how I take others' opinions of my writing--and, at school, art. My skin now is much thicker than it was when I was younger, obviously, but it can still be pierced...especially if it's late at night (yes, nine thirty, to me, is late. Shut-up) and I'm cranky, which it is and I am. I try to take everything with a grain of salt, even glowing praise (so as not to get big-headed), but sometimes it's difficult. You have to know when to trust that your way is good, and to know when to trust that perhaps another way is better. You also have to not get offended by someone wanting something to be changed, which is sometimes easy but often not.

Of course, this musing was spurred not only by Ms. Kiernan's rant but also by the responses of my betas (I'll be putting up the chapter tomorrow, since I've heard from almost everyone, save for Nichole-bug--don't think that means I won't value your opinion [I always do] if you don't get it to me in time, I just want to put the chapter up now.. :3;). I hope none of you are offended if I don't follow (all of) your advice... I don't want you to feel like it's a waste of time if I don't, because I really did appreciate it, and you all did point out some important errors and things that want fixing, as well as gave me some good advice. And of course you all said nice things. I like nice things. =P

Ms. Kiernan also brought up the idea of moral responsibility to one's characters--or, in other words, the author's 'responsibility' to give a character a 'happy ending' in her rant, one which I will address after I've posted this chapter (since it relates in a way) and I am coherent. But remember that Clarity is a Sailormoon story, and besides that, I'm just a sucker for happy endings. I like to give characters horrible pasts and bright futures, generally (though I can't guarantee that for -everybody-...). I'm just a sap that way I guess.

Oh, and sorry for spamming those of you who have me on their friends list the other day.. Won't happen again. ^^;; Please forgive me. ^^;;
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