April 7th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

of okage, breath of fire 3, and voice acting in video games

Blogger's down and I feel like posting, so back to LJ. Let's see. Things I need/want to do and have done:

Clean my room (half done)
Laundry (done!)
Update Kurai (done!)
Clean out my bag (half done)
Finish Breath of Fire III (done!)
Start next Claris chapter

I haven't been getting on AIM nearly as much lately. If there's any out there who miss having a chat with me (that would be almost no one, I'm sure), sorry about that. I'll probably start sitting on AIM again when the need for semi-human (semi-human because it's just words on a screen, not a voice or a face or body) contact begins to gnaw. Although I may be grounded after this six weeks' report card comes down, so who knows (I know I always say that, but I'm thinking it may be for real this time... but even with that knowledge, I just can't care enough to push myself in Physics. It just isn't happening).

I finished Breath of Fire III. Still love Okage, still mildly obsessed with Okage (still working on the page), but I've re-discovered how much I love love loved Breath of Fire III also. And, like Okage, its fandom is pretty miniscule. Not as miniscule, but, miniscule. And I can't even find a bunch of pretty Japanese fanart sites for it like I can with Okage. Alas. =P But BoFIII was great. I haven't played IV, but compared to I and II I think III had the best (certainly most unique) plot and definitely the best characters (how I love Rei and Momo). Actually... in a way Okage and BoFIII are similar, in that the protagonists are both considered threats to the stability of their respective worlds (and so must, by the villain's [who is not actually all that villainous, just selfish, and self-righteous] logic, be destroyed)...and neither is really about the world being in great danger, in fact, their actions are considered by the villain to be putting their worlds in greater danger. I think that's a interesting twist on the save-the-world formula. I'll have to steal it sometime.

Okage is far easier than BoF3 but BoF3 is much more fun, even though it has a lot of required mini-games and puzzles and I'm pretty lame at both. But the battle system is a million times more enjoyable, especially with the voice-acting. I don't know whether I would have preferred if they had gotten English VA's, so I could understand what they were saying when they cast their spells and perform their abilities (I only learned just recently that Rei is saying 'Itadaki' [I'm taking] when stealing), but I do like the Japanese voices... a lot of reviewers (surprisingly..) have commented that Okage would have been greatly enhanced with full voice-acting, but unless it was done well (and, with video games, it hardly ever is), I disagree. You would need someone with great range to do a voice like what Stan would need, I mean, we're talking someone of Robin Williams caliber (whatever you think of him as a regular actor, I think he really does have a great talent with his voice). Anything less and the hilarity that is Stan would be reduced to lameness.
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