May 17th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


I'm glad you LJ people are taking the Claris selector, it doth make me happy to see the posted results. ^_^
Anomie's little warning doesn't apply to anybody on my friends' list (unless you added me without knowing what CP is..), and really it only applies to people who just post pages and pages of mashed together quiz results for no reason, without comment. Worse are people who take a quiz based on something they have no clue about (say, Neverending Story) and are just kind of like '...duh?' with their result, since they neither know about the subject nor care to find out. I don't know why a person would even take a quiz before knowing about the topic, much less post it on their damn blog.

That said, I do want people to post their results. I mean this is partly a marketing ploy people... (plus I want to know what everyone gets with what I think is a more accurate selector..) I'm not all that worried about my bandwidth. It just pisses me off because with the first one I had people who just had no clue what Claris was posting their results and being all 'Duh...?' about it. >_>
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