May 27th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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You are (possibly) most like .... Ela.
Quiet, polite, and dainty pretty much sums you up. You do eveything with a
smile, and abide by the rules.Your ooey, gooey happiness might be a facade to cover up your true feelings though. I guess you don't like people worrying about
you. You'd rather worry about them!

Find out which MD character you are.</center>

That's kinda me, except that I'm pretty negative most of the time. Or rather most people know exactly how I feel most of the time because I can't help broadcasting my emotions. I'll never be the mysterious quiet type. XD

On a mildly-related tangent, why do people get so irked if their quiz result doesn't match them exactly? It seems that Faith (who makes great quizzes) has this problem because of the disclaimers she writes before her tests. Some people get irked about their Claris result too... o_o People, it's not like I'm going for an exact match here..besides, if any of my characters matched you exactly, I don't think I'd be a very good creator. -_-; And Faith, as she's said, isn't a psychologist.

Jeez, these are just for fun. Your result is just whatever the quiz calculated is most like you, it's not supposed to BE you. And I don't have a 'male or female' question (just the importance of gender, since I think that matters more than your actual gender) so if you're a girl you could get a boy or if you're a boy you could get a girl. No need to freak out here. o_o

How does everyone like Sarah and Steve? XP I think it may rival Claris for randomness. I'm just writing, not writing it longhand like I do everything else and not really thinking too much about what's happening (like I do everything else). Madness without method. Hopefully it still provides some form of entertainment... but if not I do like writing it. XD

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