June 18th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

::hugs emi-bug n_n::

I'm going to say here what I told Emiko on the phone. :3;

If I have a problem with you, and you are someone that I have any kind of connection with--whether we talk on AIM, or you're my friend here, or you comment on blog or go to my forum or mail me or WHATEVER, if I have a problem with you I will call you out. I will say to you, look, I'm pissed off at you and this is why. When I refer to people cryptically it is usually someone with whom I no longer have any connection. Someone I knew when I was wee or when I was in middle school or whatever, who I never see. Because I know that this person prolly will never see this, and will never be able to defend his or herself against whatever injury I'm complaining about as a springboard for whatever it is I want to bitch about. Thus I don't want to smear that person's name. Also despite my policy of honesty I still have yellow streaks on my belly. =P

But if I know you, I will definitely tell you when I'm mad at you. And I would most likely as not write about it in here or anywhere else but an AIM window or a email or if I know you offline, over the phone. I am done playing people that way. I will never do that to someone I consider a friend again. I've done it before, yes, but now I realize how awful it is to read a vitriolic blog post and think 'Oh FUCK are they talking about me?!'. It is awful. So know now friends: I will not play you in this manner. If you're upsetting me I will tell you directly.

That said-- ::loves the Emiko:: I feel bad for worrying you Emiko-fluff. I'm sorry.

And that said, today goes on the list of days that rock. :
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Oh, and thank you, mysterious benefactor, for setting me up with some paid LJ goodness. n_n I had fun this morning browsing the directories. XD;