June 27th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

stupid Google tricks

Oh, what the hell.

--Lyn is a rare and special person. ... Lyn is, quite simply, a precious gift. (ha HA!)
--Lyn is, without a doubt, one of the most talented illusionists working today, anywhere. She deserves legendary status.
--Lyn is a certificated medium and healer who has taught spiritual and psychic development to many who are now working in that field.
--Lyn is still plagued with horrifying nightmares that have haunted her sleep for the past five years, ever since the death of her baby.
--Lyn is a well known clairvoyant in the South.
--Lyn is known affectionately to her friends as Normira.
--Lyn is activated during late G 1 of stem-cell-factor-induced cell cycle progression in haemopoietic cells. (I am not making this up)
--Lyn is a dynamic, excellent teacher. He is kind and caring. (ho ho)
--Anywhore, Lyn is so old school he's new again -- a proponent
of the rock 'n' roll school of faggotry.

.... Well, that was fun.
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

i suck.

Now for a gigantic To Do List of Doom.

--Call Borders & Bookstar to harrass about my applications (apparently doing this is actually helpful to getting a job)
--If told, no, we are not going to hire you you filthy seasonal temp, find way down to temp agency to sell typing skills like a whore
--Learn to drive. Renew the permit, or at least stealthily work without it. Sometime. Before I'm eighty. Damn it. (I'm not even going to have a car on Rhodes campus... I feel worse about the thing being expired than anything else, but the DMV is such a hellish place -_- Especially in this heat)
--Do research on a new computer.
--Get Rhodes medical business done (that's tomorrow...ugh, physical)
--Swim more. n_n
--Scrub wretched face more.

--Work on next Claris chapter.
--Work on Kurai's other sites, many of which are begging for lovins.
--Draw Karma.
--Finish AoTCC (not what you think)
--Make more online quizzes. :3
--Attempt SaGa l33tness. (need ali's divine guidance)
--New layouts for Truth and Claris n_n (maybe I can con someone else into doing them)

That's about it. The only thing on that list that makes me feel pathetic for its not being done is having my license. But fear is a greater force than self-loathing, and considering how although nearly everyone I know has their license, half of these people have already gotten into bad accidents and smashed up their cars to hell. Several people have done it two and three times. I think about driving sometimes and it seems okay...but then I get in the car and on the road and I am gripped with fear. I need someone to help me, someone that won't freak out like Mom does. -_- It's not like I've never driven anywhere though. I've gotten downtown, and I've driven from the Taco Bell on Poplar and back. It's not really the actual driving that scares me--the business of turning and going straight, but the business of pulling in and backing out. I'm so scared of hitting someone's car as I pull in or as I back out. -_- I'm scared in general.

Sigh. I am most pathetic.
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