July 18th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

Dance Dance Revolution

I played Dance Dance Revolution (3rd Mix) at the Wolfchase Mall today and made a total ass of myself.

I've only ever played the game twice before, both older and allegedly easier versions. The first time was when I was with I do not know who... I think it was, Ali and Laris and Cal and Suboshi, when we all went to see the Final Fantasy movie, but maybe not. It was at the Peabody Place and I was in Jillian's, and all I remember is thinking 'Oh what the hell' and trying it out, and not being able to DO anything because two extremely rude bitches came up and STARTED STEPPING ON THE PAD while I was trying to figure out what to do. A guy did this today at the mall (tho not to me), and it made me remember my first DDR experience. God, that pissed me off. How RUDE can you be? Wait your fucking turn, bitch! And don't look at me like I'm retarded, I've never played this damn game before! Fuck you. n_n

The second time was at MTAC, and I didn't fare much better. Still had no clue what I was doing, but since I didn't even get to go anywhere on my first time, I think this MTAC practice would be my first true experience. Since no rude bitches tried to step on the pad while I was workin it. =P

And of course that brings us to today. I was with Emiko, who, by the way, totally KICKS ASS at DDR. I sort of stared in awe at her and every other player clustered around the machine, all of whom danced like season vets (which I'm sure they were). And then I get up there (luckily with Emiko dancing with me) and completely fail. I was pretty much dead after the first song, but since Emiko was so good we lasted together until the final stage. It did not help that she set the dancing level to medium. XP And for the last song she chose 'Butterfly', which is a great song, but way too damn fast for me to dance to, and I really made a fool of myself. X3;

I suppose I entertained the vets though, especially since I was moaning about my lack of goodness as I struggled with the pad. It doesn't help that I'm the kind of person whose brain is mildly dyslexic sometimes--like I'll see left and think right or see up and think down. -_-; I made sure to let everyone know that I'd hardly ever played, though no doubt they still thought I was a hilarious loser.

Not that it wasn't fun. X3;; I'm just... not very good at it, yet. And I love the DDR music. Too bad the CDs I saw at MTAC last year were so damn expensive.
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