July 21st, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


Aeris and Sephiroth review hentai. Too funny. XD; Well, to me, anyway. :3; (naturally they are both horrendously out of character, which is why it is funny)

Although I argued against him last night, it's not really that I dislike Sephiroth. Mostly I just dislike his teeming horde of fangirls, most of whom are into yaoi and most of whom like to invent things about his history that are never told in the game so as to make him seem more tragic and loveable. The reasons Ali reminded me of seemed like enough.

When I played the game through the first time I really liked the character. In fact, for those of you who've known me for a looong time (which I actually don't think is anyone reading this LJ, cept maybe Kristen ^^;), you'd know that Claris Project started out with Sephiroth actually being that character summoned from a video game, until I decided it would be more fun to make my own characters. ^_^; And easier. I really can't write other people's creations that well, as my few true fanfic efforts evidence. (also, before Sephiroth, it was the Sprite from Seiken Densetsu II. I know. I was twelve. Lay off)

But then I poked around FF7 fandom, and it was frightening, especially when Sephiroth came up, and I went away. If I can look at the character without thinking of the scary fans, then he is fine, but I've read and seen so many scary things (not the least of which is a bit of that frightening yaoi Azusa just talked about where Cloud is like a ten year old girl that Sephiroth is molesting) that it's hard to think of him without the fannish taint. Hopefully some of you know what I mean when I say that fandom, while often fun and wonderful, also has the power to ruin something that was otherwise perfectly fine. -_-;

I guess this is why I still like Seymour...everyone hates him, so there's no scary fannish-ness attached. XD XD
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I think that I want to go to MTAC... but mom says that she thinks it might be too much money to spend right before starting college and she'll have to think about it. -_- (it'd be $80 for the room and admission, and then food money... I doubt I'm gonna buy anything in the dealer's room, just look at stuff ^_^;)
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


Whooh, I'm just spamming everyone's friends list today, aren't I. n_n This is what I do in between grappling with the massive amount of Claris I have to type. (and, for your information, I stumbled across the hentai review site by clicking on some search query someone used to get to my site--which pertained to Aeris and Sephiroth, I think, so stop looking at me like that)

For some reason I can fit into a pair of denim shorts that I was unable to fit into several days ago. Have my hips shrunk without telling me? o_o

Oh, I think I'll go find out what this new Zelda looks like. I am told it is a monstrosity.


Oh, my God. What the hell kind of crack did Mr. Miyamoto take?! I found the original design screens--wherein Link is even sexier than before--and the newer ones, where he is reduced to an ugly abomination of cel shading (which isn't even all that unique anymore anyway!). Ugh. Give us back our man-meat. n_n

I mean, I think cel shading can be done nicely, and it's not like I mind 12 year old Link--but it's just so aesthetically not pleasing. Especially his face. :\ No sir, I don't like it
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