July 24th, 2002

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Yaaay, I finished typing all I wrote in my notebook (over 5000 words, yee). I do not know if I will post it, since it is only about half the chapter, but here for you is a scene from it. Though I expect it will be of interest to those who like Ireul/Donovan. Tell me if it suucks~

It was the day when the other children began to avoid him like a pit of spikes. He had only wanted the other boy to share the
crayons. Azael had the red crayon and the black crayon, surely he was not using both at the same time. But his request for either
crayon was denied, on the grounds that his amber eyes, one discolored and both magnified beneath his square glasss, looked

At first he sat in sullen silence, scribbling a background to his picture in midnight blue. Then he tried again.

“I said no,” Azael snapped, holding both crayons in his cruel little fists. “Go away or I’ll tell that you’re bothering me.”

“But I…” he said, outstretching his fingers. “…please?”

“No!” howled Azael. “Go away.”

“But… I’m asking you nicely,” he said softly, and his strange eyes glowed.

Azael dropped the crayons. Suddenly he was away from the linoleum floor and the drawing paper, away from the other children
running and playing. He was in a dark room, alone, and surrounded by the hissing of snakes. Their almond eyes glared at him from
every corner, as they emerged, mouths open, hungry for a bite of his skinny arms. He screamed in terror and the snakes faded.

The strange-eyed child was coloring with the black crayon. Seeing this, Azael realized what had transpired and cried for the
caretaker. She cradled him, comforting him while the frightening child looked around in bewilderment at the whispers and glowers of
distrust from his peers.

“Kamael, Theliel,” said the caretaker, as the child’s parents arrived, looking harassed, but still unimaginably beautiful. “I’m sorry, but we can’t have this happen again. He’ll traumatize the others.”

“We’ll discipline him,” said Theliel.

“If this continues, I’ll have to forbid him from returning.”

Kamael’s lovely, delicate face creased with a purse-lipped frown. Theliel took the boy by the wrist.

“I… I haven’t finished my picture,” said the child. Theliel crumpled it in his hand, and the child bit his lip.

“You’re ruining our reputation,” said Theliel.

“Whatever we will do with you,” sighed Kamael, as his father dragged him from the building.

“But…he wouldn’t share, and I didn’t mean to,” he said, his voice bordering on a wail as Theliel squeezed his wrist.

“We don’t care,” said Theliel. “Just control yourself.”

The boy’s teeth bit his lip so hard that pinpricks of blood dotted the skin. When they reached home, Theliel noticed.

“And stop that habit. It's repulsive.”

“Go sit in your room, dear,” said Kamael, “We’ve got to get back to the party. You called me away from a fascinating conversation,
you know.”

He crawled into his bed, sniffling when he heard his door lock.

“See you later, darling,” Kamael called, and then they went away.

He curled into a fetal position. His room had no windows, so he focused on the wall. He did not think or speak. He hardly
breathed. There was too much hurt in his chest.

A man cloaked in black walked in from nowhere and stood by the bed. He said, “So, what do you think?”

Donovan pulled the flesh-colored patch off of his neck, passed it back to the man and rose from the chair. The screen that was showing the little boy fizzled into blankness.

His voice was rough when he muttered, “I think you’re sick.”

“Oh, Ireul. You flatter me.”
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You prize nobility above all else, striving to be reunited with your prince. Apart from this, you treasure your friendships most of all. Unwilling to compromise your values in search of your dreams, you often seem to create more trouble than solve it. However, your persistence is what sets you apart from all others.

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This is particularly amusing to me because I've never seen any Utena... :3;

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but wait! there's more!

That scene down there is also just a part of Donovan's history. It's true, his past is pretty tragic (or I think it is), but the fact that his mommy and daddy did not hug him enough is not really the core conflict of his character, though that conflict arises because of how his parents and his peers treated him. In other words, the reason why he's always so foul-tempered and crazy is because of an issue that his parents' rejection brought about in him, not solely because they rejected him. I am not saying what it is (although I guess it may be obvious if you think about it) cos I haven't gotten there yet, but I hope that made sense.

Does it? :3;;
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