July 27th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Okay, I'm gonna explain Benchmarking programs now for those of you who didn't know what they were. Don't feel badly for saying no: I didn't know until my brother told me about them.

First of all, the purpose of the poll was to prove that not everyone would know what this program is. I have done this, although Bryan, being Bryan, still insists he's right. =P

What it does is test the performance of your computer, with regards to its ability to render textures and 3D images and the like. The program Bryan ran was testing my video card--it was a series of I think 14 tests, all of which were CG sequences designed to push the limits of the video card's abilities. Some of the tests were so intensive that they had to be skipped--Leliel's video card isn't top of the line because I'm likely not going to use her to play many, if any, games. Anyway, at the end of the tests, the program rates the computer, and this number can be compared with the scores of other computers to see whose is 'better.' Bryan downloaded it for Leliel because he can't sleep at night without knowing that his computer still kicks mine's ass. =P

If you want to run one on your computer now that you know what they are...you can get them at www.madonion.com.