August 3rd, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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TWOLLE I LOVE YOU ::glomps you to DEATH:: Ali & Laris gave me your presents last night!! Rosalyn and James are beside me (as well as their little ghost friend) and I wore the Seymour pin to the movie & dinner. X3 And I love the picture!! Soon it will be scanned.

Annd I saw Men in Black II last night with the Ali & the Laris. Brief film, but it was funny, and the CG short that preceded it was very cute. Anyway, a night with Ali and Laris is always a good night (hmm, that sounds wrong -_-).

And next week is... MTAC!! I'm looking forward to it, but I'm really going to have be wary of the dealer's room. I'm actually hoping it will be like it was last year, and all the prices will be so insanely high that the thought of buying something will give me a small stroke.

As you can see, I'm very hung up on money, at least when it comes to spending it on myself, and on something that is not movies or food. I think this is probably an unconscious reaction to all the guilt trips by my mother about her poor childhood, which was indeed very poor. I make jokes about it when she starts in about how her family had seven children and lived in a house that's not too much bigger than our playroom, but I think my brain has developed a dislike for spending money as a result.

That mechanism will be even worse this year because I need to not spend too much since I'm sure there'll be all sorts of expenses to deal with in the first few weeks of Rhodes (mainly books). Arg. Money. n_
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