August 13th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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The last three moods of friends' list entries say 'woozy' 'drained' and 'listless.' I myself also feel very bad, because it is That Time of the Month, which for me is accompanied by severe cramps of doom. i've been lying in a ball on a couch, and am only able to sit up now because the feeling's been mildly reduced to nausea.
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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People I need/want to draw stuff for:
Jewelbox guestage
Rel's birthday (cos I said I'd draw Pura, and I'm gonna)
And either Sysreq or Nine Bucks from Saturnalia.. I'm thinkin Nine cos his hair looks easier...
Mal, you want somethin' for your birthday? :B I oughter draw for Vera too, but I don't know what n_n

The problem with me isn't lack of time (YET), mostly lack of skillz and also my fleshly colored pencils are wearing down real fast. X3 Need another trip to michael's. Anyone want to send me a couple of dollars to buy some light peaches? XD;; I go through those faster than food.

And speaking of pix:
This was my bristol board test. I bought the wrong kind (smooth), but I still like the way it takes pencils. The coloring is actually much darker, but I've screwed up my scanner's settings since I set the shadow to 0 to scan a photo recently.
Me in the MTAC dealer's room. X3;;