August 26th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Leliel's fixed, me is happy.

I took the placement exam for French today, because the Italian fellow wasn't showing up and they advised me to take the test for the language I had in high school, regardless of whether or not I wanted to continue with it (I don't).

I was placed in French 201, which means that I guess I don't suck at French, even after trying to erase the class from my memory. Passing a 201 class means you've fulfilled the requirement for graduating, but my adviser said I was not bound to it and I could still attempt to get into Italian.

The entry below was from my notes after the skit concerning racism and homophobia and whatnot they showed us. I posted it for no reason. :B (truth, loyalty, and service is also rhodes' motto)

Also, Rhodes' colors are black and red, which are the same as my high school's colors. But my high school's mascot was a mustang, and Rhodes has a lynx. I think the lynx is cooler. :B
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