September 9th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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And thanks to everyone who's taken the quiz already so far. It makes me happy. :D I was proud of how the result pictures came out, even though I know the text is perhaps a bit small. A little nervous about using my own art, which is why except for Metea there's a better picture to counterbalance it.

I know, I'm really down on myself when it comes to my pictures. This is why I expect the worst for Karma Slave (and for whatever may be in that person's protected entry). Don't get me wrong. I love KS's characters and I love writing its story, and I love what I have planned for it (especially in the next few pages :D), but... well, you know. Still, I think KS contains some of the best characters I've created, and I love exploring them. Sometimes though, I think doing it in comic form was a mistake. But that's how I started it, and by God that's how I'll finish it. And it WILL be finished, as will Claris, and Clarity, no matter how long it takes. DAMMIT. =P

No one has gotten Yamari yet, and I'll actually be surprised if anyone does. I figure if they do they will have manipulated the test, or it was just a freak accident. Or they just have a frighteningly healthy self esteem. XD Although I tried to write it so that some of the answers were surprising (for example, the last response to the last question corresponds to... Mayavada).
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