September 14th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

this is a post of goodness.

This is a self indulgent post of the good things that have happened to me, thanks to my friends, since coming to Rhodes. To help keep my mind off the bad things, if only temporarily.

emi_chan brought me milk and ramen, and took great labors to find Rhodes campus to see me. LOVE FOR HER.

alliath and demonlet have had dinner with me. alliath took me to karaeoke, and demonlet helped me with my Archaelogy and drew pretty pictures in my sketchbook. They both comforted me in the face of my difficulties. LOVE FOR THEM.

selbst sent me a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE of Leliel which is on my door and made my day happy because I got a package in the first place. LOVE. FOR. HER.

twolle is just wonderful. LOVE FOR HER.

caltan hooked me up with Witch Hunter Robin, which I love, and which is the best distraction ever. LOVE FOR HER.

lostboydv is an offical Nice Young Man. Love for him.

Love also to everyone who has been commenting and sympathetic lately. I appreciate it a lot. LOVE.

Obviously, all this love is (to thieve from Vera) in a strictly Homie-G sense (especially for Lee and Emiko, what with them being an item and all :B).