September 23rd, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

Angelic Voice

In terms of the way I write them, all angels have beautiful singing voices. This comes from the Biblical notion that most angels--especially seraphim--basically spent most of their time singing the praises of God (when they weren't, you know, killing firstborn children and such).

In the Heaven of Claris Project, every Sunday, beginning at 12 AM, angels are singing. Generally a group of angels has a shift, so that no angel sings all day, though of course this is permitted. For the most part an hour or two is good enough. To not sing is considered a societal taboo, equivalent possibly to never bathing in modern society, but actually even kind of worse. To illustrate, all of the rebel or 'evil' angels in CP--Leliel, Lucius/Shamshiel, Shateiel--still do attend, EXCEPT for Donovan (he hasn't been to heaven in three hundred years).

So anyway, I asked Ali, master of voice, to perhaps give me an oversimplified method of classifying voices in the opera style--like alto, tenor, soprano, etc, and for my own future reference I am writing what I decided (w/ Ali approval!) here:

DONOVAN: Baritone
SEAN: Baritone
LUCIUS: Soprano
CADMIEL: Baritone

Still pondering Anael. :B;