November 23rd, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Oh man... I was doing data entry today (as I do every day), and I saw a girl named Arwen...and not only was she named Arwen, but she lived on a street called HOBBIT'S GLEN. I kid you not.

And this street is in Germantown. Must go there sometime. XB
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

no lj-cut for you!!

There are a fair number of things about Rhodes that piss me off.

The way the Rat staff just doesn't try on weekends (the Rat is one of the two feeding locations--it's really the Catherine Burrow Refectory [I think] but everyone calls it the Rat). The furniture from the early 1970's (or very late sixties, even). The Internet connection, which isn't out that much but is out more than it should be, and the ornery Help Desk techs who seem to spend all their time doing something besides helping people with their computer problems... though when everything is working, it works very well (kind of like that poem associated to Scorpios...). The double edged sword of itty bitty classes, which are good for discussion but bad for actually getting into. The attack doors of Frazier Jelke, and the simply stubborn doors of Palmer and Kennedy, which were clearly created for decorative and not functional purposes.

My crazy roommate (just this morning, I was lying reading a magazine, and she YELLED OUT in her sleep. Before that, she just yelled 'NO!' for no reason...). I still maintain to anyone who asks that they took my housing form, burned it, and then spat on the ashes.

I don't know--I suppose I expect everything about Rhodes to run like a finely made Swiss watch, considering all the money I'm paying to go here. I expect the Internet to only have an outage once in a while, when there is scheduled maintenance to be done on the servers that we are actually informed of, I expect the Help Desk staff to be slavering to assist us instead of telling us not to call so much, I expect the food to be always at least appetizing and recognizable, etc.

But there are many things I love about Rhodes too.

For example, last night Ali, Larith and Wendyboo came to fetch me so we could go to Into the Woods. Unfortunately, Ali was decieved by an evil black curb in front of Clough, and ran Larith's car over this curb. The car was not keen on being removed from the curb; it would go neither forwards nor backwards. I attempted to raise an army of Rhodents to lift this car, but I foolishly asked the ladies of Williford, who did not seem to want to even attempt heavy lifting (despite my assurance that the burden would be shared amongst a group). One of the few men I procured from Williford (he was visiting--Williford is an all girls dorm) proved to be our savior. He was very persistent in finding us a solution, though like the rest of my army he had reservations about lifting the car for fear of damaging it.

Finally I dismissed most of the army, and went to wait with Larith at one of the entrances for a tow truck. We were nearly there when those remaining with the car called Larith on her cell phone, to inform her that this man had summoned a group of Kappa Sigmas, who had successfully lifted the car over the curb without damaging it.


I wish I could have been there to see it. Coolest of all, we made it to the play on time--early, in fact.

So yes. I intend to find this boy and thank him, thank him a lot.