December 1st, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Back up in my Rhodes house... My roommate's not here (yay). The room actually smells good, like a hotel room or something, it's awesome.

But I left my bowls at home so I can't make ramen...well, I couldn't make it anyway, because I'd have to borrow both a bowl and a microwave. Meef. Cheese crackers for now. ^_^;

I managed to finish six Karma pages and three other drawings, but I still have two left to finish. ('finish' means not only that the drawing's done but that I've scanned it and uploaded it and transferred to Leliel for editing) I also need to scan that versus mode thing when I go home again (don't know when that'll be... my last day of school is the 18th though). Also mailed Vera's dough, took some notes for my Wisdom Lit paper (which I need to start writing as it's due on Tuesday), and am almost done with my book for my Archaeology paper (due on Wednesday).

Didn't see hardly anyone this break, but that's okay--I consider Thanksgiving a family time (even moreso than Christmas) and the break wasn't that long anyway.

Besides which... I don't know. My apathy towards social interaction and towards people in general is starting to scare me. I'm not getting online nearly as much as I used to (getting online means, getting on AIM), I'm not talking to people, I'm not seeing people....

This isn't to be taken to mean that I don't like anyone... I mean, I always think I'm bugging someone when I talk to them anyway, and I figure the less a person sees of me the better off they are... I guess the thing is, I used to just tell that to myself... but now I'm starting to believe it.
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