December 4th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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More new Karma today.

I didn't pull an allnighter (I finished around midnight) but I hardly got any sleep regardless because my roommate wouldn't go to bed. I finally told her last night, at 3 in the morning, that this isn't going to work anymore. Either she goes to bed with the rest of the quad (between 12:00-1:00) or she needs to leave. If she doesn't leave, then she has to be totally quiet, which means doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is because my roommate is completely incapable of conducting herself quietly. She even READS loudly (practically attacks the book's pages when she turns them).

All of her other madness is annoying, but I can tolerate it (dudes, we found out yesterday that she used my TOWEL. That's just gross, y'all). This sleep thing I cannot and will not tolerate anymore.

What annoys me most is how she reacted with a little 'Okay', like I'm her damn mother scolding her for being bad. All I'm doing is acting for some basic courtesy. I seriously do not think a 12:00-1:00 bed time is unreasonable, and I especially don't like being made to feel like a bully because she's reacting like a petulant, spoiled brat (which she is).

But you know what--I don't care. I try to be tolerant of people and above all respect them, but I have to draw the line at me getting my damn sleep, especially when all my classes start at 9:10 or 9:40.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, no sirree.