December 7th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

(no subject)

Firewall010: word yo
Izumimiya: hey brother
Firewall010: i have some harry potter questions
Izumimiya: okay
Firewall010: well just one
Izumimiya: mmkay
Firewall010: In the second one, when harry is at the Weasley's(sp?) house afetre being broken out and whatnot, and htey get their invites to hogwatrz
Firewall010: and they need to go buy stuff from Diagon Ally right?
Izumimiya: yeah
Firewall010: Now, the weasleys are fairly poor
Firewall010: and mrs weasley says something about making do or gettin bye
Izumimiya: yup
Firewall010: and paying for harry too i assume
Izumimiya: huh? no
Izumimiya: harry's got his own money
Firewall010: Ya
Firewall010: thats what i was wondering
Izumimiya: he's a lot richer than the weasleys actually
Firewall010: i had watched the first one again
Izumimiya: his parents left him a huge inheritance
Firewall010: And he had a fuckin vault full of gold
Firewall010: why doesnt that cheap little cunt share the wealth?
Firewall010: But you did answer my question
Firewall010: im watchign the second one again
Firewall010: the first time i saw it i got hte impresion that the weasleys were to pay for harry as well
Firewall010: but ya you cleared that up
Firewall010: what a miser...

Firewall010: oh ya, and Herminone (sp?) is smokin' hot
Firewall010: did i already say that?
Firewall010: When we went to go see it as a group, we all decided that she was smokin hot
Firewall010: and the girls that were there said that was gross because she was like 13 or 14
Izumimiya: yeah, you pedophile
Firewall010: and so we made an addendum for them that she would "grow up" to be smokin hot
Firewall010: but we still really think that she IS smokin hot
Firewall010: :-)
Firewall010: and brad kept callin her Hymenee or i dont even know how that would work out but ya it was funny cuz brad's retarted
Firewall010: retarded

Ah, my brother, he is so funny.