December 8th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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What I feared has happened--seasonal allergies are upon me again. I need to buy some Dayquil, 'cause I ain't having this. I need to study for my exams, take my exams, and do my paper (which is one of my exams XB) all next week.

At least I haven't got a fever.

Also, new aid for sore throat, as told to me by Sonia:
Take a cup water, add several packets of salt (3-4). Heat it in the microwave. Gargle salt and water, then spit.

It really works. :B

Last night I saw Lagaan, finally, and it was awesome. I loved it. :D I also watched Kalonji (Monta's boyfriend) play Devil May Cry on my PS2, and it too was cool. I kept saying 'I want this house' as he walked around the first mission stage. X3 Dante is a sexy man.
Besides which, I've gotten Monta (girl next door) and Sonia (girl across from Monta) into DoA2: Hardcore, even though Amanda refuses to play with me now because apparently playing with people besides her is 'cheating' on her or something... =P

Anyway, so we were all clustered in my room playing the game and Haley (Sonia's roommate) comes in and says 'You've turned them all into boys', like video games are a boy only thing! And I'm a tomboy for liking them so much. Haley's a nice person, but that comment irritated me, probably because statistically and stereotypically it is a male thing to do. But it shouldn't be.
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

(no subject)

Damn it y'all... I went to make myself some EZ Mac, and I had only one pack left. Out of twelve. I've had maybe one or two of the original flavor box, and only one of the 'extreme cheese' flavor (which is not that great), so I should have at least 9 left. Now I have none. Let's all guess who took the rest without asking.

This wouldn't bother me so much if I weren't buying my food with my own money, that I actually had to sit down and earn. My mommy and daddy do pay for a lot, but they're not paying my general expenses. So I'm afraid that, unlike my roommate, I can't just drop a hundred wherever I go, and I can't just consume everything around me.

You might say, well, maybe you ate more than you thought, or maybe it was someone else. No, I would at least remember if I finished off a box. As for the second, she steals all the time. She constantly takes water from Monta and Sonia, and she ate a ton of Lynn's food as well, besides also seeing no qualms with just taking Sonia's bowl without asking (and then not even washing it properly afterwards).

Damn it. And if I ask her about it, she'll just say no of course... I'll have to trick her into it, or gather enough evidence to prove she's lying if I ask directly (which means asking Monta if Whitney's borrowed EZ Mac lately, except that she just left...).