December 11th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I was going to say something, but I'm so irritated by two or three of the quizzes (surveys really) circulating LJ right now that I've forgotten it.

And you know what? I might have a lot of folks on my friends list, though it's less than it may seem because several people have duplicate names and several more post very rarely, but I think the world of all you, in full honesty. I think that all of you are talented, intelligent, kind, and funny.

Because if I didn't, you wouldn't be on my fucking friends list, for fuck's sake.
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I spent a lot of today crying and thrashing. All the frustration I've been feeling with everything poured like water from a broken dam.

I came into my room from World Drama (the hated class of hate), threw my notebook against the wall, threw my keys and purse on my bed, threw off my coat, threw -myself- on the bed, tore off my boots and slammed them to the ground, and then shoved my face in my pillow and sobbed.

Whitney (my roommate), Sonia, Monta, and Amy Noelle were all already in there.

I sobbed and muttered to them, 'Carry on.' =P

I played Dead or Alive II with Sonia and Kalonji, which helped some. Then I kicked open the doors on the way to dinner, unfortunately accidentally traumatizing a girl that was entering the building because I didn't see her (have to find her and apologize for that...) and irritating Sonia in the process (I think it really bothers her that I like to kick open doors so much).

After dinner I called my house and complained and cried to my Dad for over an hour about mostly Canfield and exams. I told him the ten page paper that constitutes our final exam was due on Monday, along with the take home Wisdom Lit exam I'm working on right now, by 11:00 A.M. He told me it was the same way at his college and that he once came in at 11:30 and told the professor he was late because his grandma had just been sent to the hospital. I asked him if the professor bought that and he said that's why he'd only done it once. =P

Just a minute ago Mom called and I cried a little more, and she told me she'd just talked to Dad and he'd been cranky about Christmas vacation plans...since my brother's suddenly not so gung-ho about going now that my grandparents aren't coming, since grandpa just got out of the hospital.

Sabrina the kitten is also apparently growing quite large.

I really miss my cats.

Now I've finished sobbing and thrashing and I'm still working on the exam. I've decided that even though I know no matter what I write, Canfield is still probably going to grade me poorly, I'm still going to try anyway.

Also, how is it that nearly everybody else is finished or nearly finished with their exams and we're just getting started? What the hell is up with that, I ask you.
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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To-do list for tomorrow:

1. Revise answer to question 1 of Wisdom Literature exam and write answer to question 2.
2. Go to library and collect sources for Canfield paper. Begin Canfield paper.
3. Study for Archaeology.


1. Revise answers to questions 1 and 2 of Wisdom Literature exam and write answer to 3.
2. Work on Canfield paper.
3. Study for Archaeology and possibly Search, if have not killed self yet.


1. Do not fail Archaeology exam.
2. Work on Canfield paper.
3. Study for Search exam.
4. Finish up Wisdom Lit exam.


1. Work on/finish Canfield paper.
2. Try very hard not kill self while working on Canfield paper.
3. Study for Search exam.


1. Turn in Canfield paper.
2. Turn in Wisdom Lit exam.
3. Study for Search exam.


1. Do not fail Search exam.