December 19th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Went Christmas shoppin' today. Mall is clearly full of latent homicidal maniacs. Still, stuff was gotten, and presents were wrapped. I did the choosing and the buying, mom did the wrapping... XB

It was kind of nice to buy folks things with my own money this year. This is something I could do, because I actually have money. But it meant that I could buy people what I wanted to buy them, for the most part, though Mom still tried to exert her influence--if she had her way, I'd get everybody jewelry every year :\ And jewelry is nice, but it's just not personal enough, unless it's a unique or interesting piece...and there's not a lot of unique and interesting pieces at the places mom likes to shop (Dillard's and Goldsmith's, department stores which suck the life out of me as I walk through them).

Nearly done with the next Clarity chapter. But I can't type it up until Bryan gets home and I cajole him into helping me set up Leliel again (I ph33r the many wires -__-).

Have drawn several more pages of Karma that want coloring and inking, and while I can scan'em I can't edit'em cause...Leliel's not hooked up. :B

Also I am working on THIS.