December 23rd, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

talking about my favorite thing

I'm glad I've started dating when I put up a finished chapter. It took me three months to finish the Clarity chapter I just put up, even though it's only about 5000 words of writing--but also in that time, I finished my first semester of college and wrote the script for Twolle and I's thing. So I think it's better time than it looks.

The Claris chapter before it took two months to write, and it was over twice that length, but I wasn't in college or working on something else, so there you go.

I don't know how long it will take me to finish the next Claris chapter--like the Clarity one I just put up, I don't intend it to be long (though consequently, the next chapters for both stories will return to the uberlength), but I'll be writing stuff for my fiction class besides being in four other classes and writing other stuff (which is Claris-related actually, but isn't the main story).

Saying all that, I just realize now that as online writers go I'm pretty damn prolific. Especially as a writer of non-fanfiction--there are some fanfiction writers out there who write so much that I think they must be supported by mysterious benefactors. I actually hardly think of Clarity as a fanfiction except in the technical sense. I could do as some others have done and try to pass it off as an 'original parody' or some nonsense like that, but since it takes so heavily from existing concepts (both from Sailormoon and Seiken Densetsu) it must be labelled as fanfiction despite taking place in a town of my own creation with characters and many other concepts of my own creation. But as long as it's about girls in sailor suits, which it always will be, and as long as it parodies that structure, which it always will, and as long as they're the Mana Senshi, which they always will be, it's a fanfiction. You can't put Sailor in front of a character and have it not be Sailormoon fanfiction, because while it's true that the mahou shoujo genre is vast, there is only one Sailormoon.

The point is that, and this makes me sad, so many creators of originals give up. Lots of fanfic writers give up too, but not so easily, and usually fanfiction writers stick to writing a lot of shorts--vignettes, P.O.V.s, etc. I can only name a few fan-novels off the top of my head, and they're Harry Potter (Rhysenn's Irresistible Poison and Cassandra Claire's Draco series). No, I haven't read the entirety of either of them; I don't actually read much fanfiction. But I'll talk about that some other time. The point here is that creators of original work, be it writing or webcomics, give up so often. You know about only half of the comics hosted on Keenspace have even ONE comic posted? And how many more posted a few comics and then abandoned the project?

But even webcomic creators are often more resilient than original writers. They give up so damn easily, and I know why--because it's HARD. It's hard to have to create a world and a place and a history and a mythology of your own: it's so much easier to play in someone else's. That's why there are so many lame fan senshi out there, and that makes me sad too, because out of all anime fandoms it is the easiest to make something -fun- and -cool- out of, yet people just make the same generic nonsense over and over again. And give up on it besides.

You know, I don't even like to hear myself called a writer. I HATE being referred to as an author. I'm NOT an author. An author is what I want to be, but I won't be that until people start forking over money to read my stories. So far this has never happened. It may never happen.

The appropriate term for myself now would I guess be a scribbler. Writer is really okay, but even that sounds a little too important, like I'm actually doing something worthwhile.