December 26th, 2002

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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tsumetai hikari: soo... how was your christmas?
Izumimiya: it was christmas :B
tsumetai hikari: true enough!
Izumimiya: do they celebrate that up there in the great white north, you godless canuck? :3
tsumetai hikari: actually we don't have any snow!!
tsumetai hikari: so it's more of a great brown north!

Izumimiya: i hear they have some crazy afterchristmas holiday up there called 'boxing day'
it all sounds very heathen
tsumetai hikari: we loves the blasphemy!
tsumetai hikari: boxing day is when we burn crosses and dance around in the nude, chanting about the glories of satan!
tsumetai hikari: honestly, don't you have that in america?
Izumimiya: i knew it
Izumimiya: no!
Izumimiya: we do that next week


I restarted Leliel, and now she is not making the usual Logoff/Logon sound when I wake her from screensaver mode. Another restart and some messing with the sounds did not remedy the situation. Alath, what is amiss? n_n;


As part of my Christmas lewt, I received DDRMax and two game pads (from my obscenely rich brother, who currently has over six thousand dollars in his bank account). It is teh fun, but I am also teh suxx0r. Still, it's a good workout. I idly mentioned to them that I might like Suikoden III, since every year one of my presents is usually a video game, but I couldn't actually think of one I desperately wanted this year. Apparently Dad & Bryan went to about a million stores looking for it and every single one was sold out. XB;; It occurred to me that I should probably play II before I thought about III, but I didn't realize how popular the series has become.

The neighbors bought Bryan Anakin's blue lightsaber, from FAO Schwarz. It senses its own movement so it makes the bzz noise when you swish it, and it is freaking huge. It also has a $130 price tag (we looked it up).
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Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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EMBEDDED AUTOSTART MP3s. As if a fucking MIDI weren't bad enough. What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!