January 12th, 2006

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List your top ten (or five, if you don't have that many) favorite characters that you have ever created, including a brief description of each. Post the results in your journal or blog so that others can comment on your creations and do the meme themselves. :) Have fun!

I love all of my characters as though they were my babies (I can't write about someone if I don't love them in some way), so it is hard to pick favorites, but here are a few I find / have found especially fun.

Name Sean / Orifiel (angel of chaos)
Origin: The Claris Project, which will someday have a proper title when I classy it up.
Date Created: Ooh, it's been a while. I think I was thirteen or fourteen, so '97 or '98 maybe.
Description:Egotistical, insecure, unstable, violent homeless bum. Sean is the king of mysterious, angst-filled histories, though the ways in which his affects him are difficult to define because he doesn't even know the details of it himself. Unfortunately, the history I created for him when I was fourteen was really retarded, which is why I redid everything around the completion of the first half of the story (and removed a side story or two, as their events are no longer applicable). The only thing that remained, and that most people still already know, is that Samael is his father and Gabriel is his mother.
Sean is the sort of friend you both want and don't want to have, because if he likes you he'll do anything for you. The thing is that this extends to breaking the law in numerous grotesque ways, if necessary (also if not necessary, for fun). Someone insulted you in the hallway at school? You will not be seeing that fucker for a week as he will be in the hospital while the doctors work out how to remove his own dick from his esophagus. He is needy, surly, and often obnoxious in addition to being (as Laris says) crazier than a plate of balloons, which adds up to quite a bit to tolerate. But by that same token, Sean is fiercely loyal, and if you are a friend in need he will go to any length to see that need filled. Sean's intelligence is razor sharp, but this fact is often obscured by the fact that his logic is not Earth logic, as it operates on principles alien to everyone but himself (and even then sometimes even he doesn't understand what the hell he's doing). His perception is clouded not only by a fragmentary mind, but by endless powerfully felt emotions. Existing in his mind would be like existing in a collaborative painting by Hieronymus Bosch, Picasso, and Dali.
Why I Love Him: Hmm well, as Sean says, if you don't love him you should seek professional help immediately ... ;p Mostly it's just that he's a challenging and entertaining character to write, besides being one of my oldest and most well developed. I could get really gay here and talk about him as a representation of my aggression (coupled with Claris as a representation of my passivity) but I'll spare you and stick with the simple explanation, which is that writing stories about him is a good time. It's not always easy, though. The main thing to understand is that when I'm writing about Sean and Claris romantically (as I do most openly for perhaps the first time in the update to the current chapter, which will be coming later today maybe), it's not a wish-fulfillment thing, because Sean's nowhere close to my idea of the perfect guy. Sean should not really be anyone's idea of the perfect guy, honestly. The boy ain't right.

Name Donovan / Ireul (angel of fear)
Origin: The Claris Project again.
Date Created: Three years after Sean / Claris / the rest of the original Claris kids, or thereabouts.
Description:Donovan and Sean fit the archetypal set of characters to whom the antagonist is likely to say to the protagonist, "We're not so different, you and me," though they are, on some fundamental levels. The primary difference between them is an issue, again, of history. Donovan remembers his, in stark detail. He knows exactly who he is and why he became that person. Sean does not. Donovan is much less 'messy' than Sean, because throughout his experiences he learned to cultivate restraint; he is not constantly locked in a GLASS CASE OF EMOTION like Sean, though there is no less madness to his method. As is explained in the story, as a child, Donovan was a shy, nervous child who could not control the power given to him by God, which was, for some horrible reason, the ability to scare the bejeezus out of anyone. Originally, he was fully repulsed by the effects his powers had on other people, but after years of neglect by his parents and various forms of abuse from the rest of society, he started not to give a fuck. Essentially, he decided that if bitches were going to be tripping in such a manner, he would give them something to trip over.
Donovan had, and still has, a black pudding heart--it's dark and it's cold, but it's soft. He is deeply, deeply in love with Leliel, and in his own special way he loves Lucius too (as a little brother goddammit), but they are all just too crazy to work it out :( One of the biggest roadblocks is that Donovan hates angelic society (and human society, but angelic society even more) with such a burning passion that adhering to any of its rules is abhorrent to him, regardless of whether or not they might actually be beneficial. To understand this, you have to understand that angelic society has a lot of predetermined fixtures in place to keep solid order, often even to the point where the person with whom you will eventually procreate is decided from birth. Donovan thinks all of this is a load of crap, due in part to the fact that he got saddled with a sphere of influence that caused all the other kids in preschool to think he was weird. He despises the idea of existing in a world where the choices he makes have no meaning, and so he has decided the best solution is to help the mysterious stranger who is trying to end it all. What he fails to realize at this point, of course, is that his participation in this event is destiny also (o teh noes i've said too much).
Why I Love Him: I like writing Donovan because he's my favorite kind of villain, which is the kind that feels their purpose is just. Or rather, in Donovan's case, the kind that is pretty goddamned sure their cause is just. Also he wears a claw on one hand and he can make grizzled biker people wet their leather pants, should he come across a reason for this to happen. I think that's cool.

Name Sinclair.
Origin: Karma Slave.
Date Created: May 2001.
Description:A smooth criminal. As Mayavada says, Sinclair is a good person, except for the part where he's murdered five people (you didn't know them, except Nemo, but they were all jerks ... except Nemo). Born to British chemists who eventually orphaned him, Sinclair's life has always been marked by irritating tragedy. Over the course of his life, most of the people to whom he got close died, usually in strange and painful ways. As a result he is a closed person, in both a physical and an emotional sense. Sinclair does not like to be touched, and to that end he wears gloves most of the time (i.e., any time when he is not sleeping or in the shower). Mayavada is the only friend of his who has escaped an untimely demise, but that's probably because Maya is (as Sinclair eventually discovers) not human in the first place. Of course, even armed with this new information, Sinclair is secretly sure that fate will find a way.
Although Sinclair is ostensibly villainous given that he's developed enough detachment from humanity to be able to kill, he is neither cruel nor morally bankrupt. He's able to get past what he's done by justifying it as vigilante justice, or, in the case of Nemo, putting the miserable out of their misery. He tries not to think too hard about the fact that these choices are not his place to make, in the interest of furthering the goal which has tormented him since childhood and which he feels is the reason for his strange curse. That is to say, the search for the soul which calls itself 'Sattva,' and whatever connection that soul might have to himself. It is an all consuming mission, though Sinclair does not know what will happen if and when that mission is fulfilled.
Why I Love Him: Ah, Sinclair is a good time. He's the rich eccentric recluse with a mansion that the main characters can now use as a home base, never mind the fact that the soil in the backyard is enriched with the corspes of neatly killed thugs and homeless crazy people. I like writing because he gets a lot of the deadpan dialogue, and his emotional constipation is fun to explore. I would like someday to write a small side story about him and Mayavada, although I don't know if it would be narrative or if I'd just write a script and make mookie eyes for someone to draw it. There are other reasons why I am fond of Sinclair, and more to his history, but I cannot explain it because you are not yet supposed to know :| But you will soon, o yez.

... aahh that's three, and I'm spent. I'll write up more of these if anyone found them edifying (or perhaps even if no one did because it's lame to leave things unfinished), I certainly have more to say but now I am tired >_>
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New simple / ugly design, all things condensed. Completed Chapter 8 of Claris Project. I PROMISE I WILL TAKE A YEAR WITH CHAPTER IX, in fact I intend to begin it this very weekend.

New page of Karma Slave, which it is not letting me upload, so I've linked to it directly.

Uploaded a bunch of crap to my deviantart gallery, such as:

Katara and Zuko: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27578504/

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Claris and Sean: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/27578623/

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Cleaned up a lot of things, like links, the guestbook, the oekaki, etc. Please to enjoy and leave the remarks.