February 9th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

(no subject)

I don't understand how I can only be taking, technically, three classes, and yet still have so much bloody work. I had three papers this week, the third of which I'm still glowering at thoughtfully (INSTEAD OF PLAYING WARCRAFT medal of commendation please), and I have two due at the outset of the following week. I promised myself that this year I would attempt to write a bit every day, and I am writing, BUT IT IS STUPID CRAP ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT ESAU'S HEEL WAS ACTUALLY HIS PENIS AND WHORES IN SIXTEENTH CENTURY CRIMINAL FICTION AND HOW GENESIS IS LIKE HESIOD yadda yaddacakes.

Terror of the future will not abide within me. As graduation (God willing) approaches, I tremble inwardly at what will become of me, and if I shall end up as a homeless bum on the streets of Germantown (I will hide in well manicured bushes and ambush housewives for their Prozac, which I will then sell for the money to buy pens and notebooks).

There is also the constant thrumming in my head of the following two facts: I need a car, and I need to drive more. Even if I end up in accidents, because I am a human being, and not a sentient robot (like my brother).