May 24th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Well, I wanted to show everyone some screens of Naxxaramas, but apparently screens saved on test don't go into your usual folder, so :(

Anyway, I was there for a while last night with some of my raiding guild and some of another raiding guild, playing a premade hunter because I have been unable to transfer Eulalia. The premade's name is Samael, and my druid's name is Jibrielle, so if you're on test look me up.

Naxx is not an instance I recommend you do extremely late at night when you are mostly alone. It is not horrifyingly scary like Silent Hill, etc, but the atmospherics are enough to make you at least a little bit nervous. Some levity is provided by the new raid leader targeting system, in which the RL can assign priority by marking mobs with various shapes -- crescent moons, diamonds, etc. It felt like fucking Lucky Charms in there. Lucky Charms with deadly, venomous spiders ;(

Also the attunement man is named 'Johnny McWeaksauce.' I kid you not.