May 26th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

in time i'll believe it was just an illusion

Today was long, hot, and distressing. I hate talking to doctors :| I also hate being late for appointments. I came home last night to find the foundations of my house trembling with noise, and found mom and Bryan watching War of the Worlds in the den. I foolishly stayed up to watch this with them (nerve-wracking movie, even worse late at night with a lightning storm going on). Later that night the power cut out, which means that I basically achieved very little in the way of sleep ... hence, late to the appointment -_-

On another note, sometimes I wish I had a way of ferreting out what people are thinking. I try to perceive as much as possible, but when someone expresses one thing and in practice does the opposite, I'm always caught off guard.

and on yet another note: uncle iroh nooooo nooooo no :(
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