August 14th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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University of Memphis makes me want to cut open my skull.

I've gotten a few emails about my invoice, which lists the fees I need to pay to the school. When I originally checked it, it had four fees listed for each of my ResLife payments (fine) and then three fees for the tuition payments. The first fee was somewhere in the neighborhood of 14-1500 dollars, and was due by August 25th. I wondered to myself that, since I was awarded an assistantship, do I need to pay this fee or is the assistantship going to start covering it straight off? Therefore I called finanical aid, and they redirected me to the bursar. I told the bursar that I'd been given an assistantship, and she said I might want to check with the English dept. to make sure they had applied that information to my account.

Now, I check my invoice again and the three individual semester fees have been removed. The ResLife fees are still there, but beneath them is a listing for a "Fall 2006 1st Install-Due by Fee Paymt Deadline (Term: 06F #1 ANT)" -- however, the balance due is listed at $0.00.



It doesn't help that I'm sick and it's hot enough to cook the average brain in its own juices outside. Whine moan bitch.

On the bright side, my raiding guild killed Thaddius last night. This was a sweet victory for two reasons:
1) No one thought we could do it, because Zul'jin is an old hardware server, which means that every evening it chokes itself like a suicidal mental patient. This sort of chokage is NOT ACCEPTABLE for almost ANY fight, but in Naxx it's deadly, and especially for Thaddius. The way this fight works is that the boss continually assigns and re-assigns the raid members a positive or negative charge, and you have to adjust your position based on that charge. As you might expect, positively charged people blow up negatively charged people, so if anyone's position is wrong, then the whole raid is fucked.
In addition to this, you have 5 minutes to take out 7 million hit points (yes, I said SEVEN MILLION MOTHERFUCKING HIT POINTS) before he enrages and DESTROYS the raid.

How do you do this? Well, if everyone with like charges stands together, they receive a 10% buff to their damage which multiplies based on the amount of people around them. Theoretically, everyone should be doing 170-180% damage for the entire fight. I was personally critting on Aimed Shots for 5000-7000, while my auto shots were critting for over 3000 (HOT).

2) We did this with 38 people.

And with that, we cleared another wing of Naxx. 3 bosses 'til Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad.