September 6th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Zomg, livejournal from work ... well, when it's my job to babysit a computer lab, what else is there to do, honestly.

Actually, it's more the printer I'm babysitting than anything else, which is irritating, because it seems that if you put such resources at the general public's disposal, they will rush to abuse it in any manner possible.

I couldn't open the PC lab because whoever set it up failed to connect all the computers to the associated printer--instead they're connected to programs like Adobe PDF, which, instead of printing a given Word file, just converts it to a PDF and sits there feeling smug.

Meanwhile, the Mac lab printer is operational, but it's a new model and it is really small. As in, it can't handle, paper and ink wise, when a student chooses to come in and print every PDF and presentation ever created for their class. Within the first two hours of my sitting down, a student had printed out literally a novel's worth of paper (and used up the entire single tray in the process). This prompted my boss to recommend posting a note, which I did, and which was ignored. I posted a note in bigger, angrier text, but I feel bad because the student to whom I spoke just before posting it said she had to print all of these things because she was hard of hearing. Something feels not copacetic about being stern with a handicapped person, but really, it's not my fault the printer here can't accomodate big jobs ._.;
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