September 11th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

i am a sad little person

All right, so this last week has been beyond horrible, therefore, to alleviate some of my suffering, I started writing a for fun story about Eulalia and her undead rogue friend Cian. It is cheese-tastic, but writing it made me happy on my inside parts, so if you ever wanted to know about Eulalia's personality as it is separate from my own (me: dumb and violent with a good vocabulary; eulalia: dumb and violent with a bad vocabulary), or if you think night elf/undead rogue is hot (I KNOW YOU DO) then have a look:

The premise of the story is basically thus: all Forsaken were once normal humans, so how does it go when you meet someone you knew in your human life?

There will be a second part, but only after I've A) written more Claris and B) finished the story that is actually due for the class I am in fact taking.

It should be noted that Cian (pronounced KEE-an) is not a player character and is not based on anyone; I just made him up.
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

technical issues

Really, this is so frustrating. I looked around the interwebs using the power of Google and couldn't find anyone with my type of problem.

Basically, every time I turn off Leliel (my computer) and reboot her, she refuses to recognize that the wireless adapter (which is a D-link DWA 542) is installed. I get a message stating that she has found new hardware and prompting me to put in the install disk, and none of the previous D-link items I've installed (like its wireless manager) work. That is, I click on them and only receive an error ping.

I tried reinstalling the drivers and allowing Windows to continue on after I put in the installation disk, and that fixes it temporarily, but again, every time I shut her off and turn her back on, the computer acts like I haven't installed anything ._. I don't know what to do. Does anyone with savvy on this stuff have any ideas?