September 12th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

how's a man supposed to score sluts when he has to WoW

So I'm not feeling too well today either, but it's a little better than yesterday. I got home from work and turned on Leliel and things were all right, but that state could obviously change at any time. I just really hate not even having control over my own computer. There are few areas in life where I am knowledgeable: how to form a cogent sentence, how to pet a kitty very softly, and how to pwn a nub in Warsong Gulch. With computers I am at a loss.

I have forbidden myself from writing on my cheese WoW story (which you should read if you are bored, if only to make me feel less dirty about writing fanfiction -- there I said it! but that is another post entirely) because I must finish the superhero story for my workshop. That said, we shall have a reckoning on the fiction filter SOON. Because it's coming back, baby.

Also, these two exchanges last night cheered me immensely:

So. Good.