October 11th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


Because I am not so bold as to install WoW and play it at work (though I likely could if I really really really wanted to), I usually spend work time either A) doing other work (finished a novel for class the other day) B) writing or C) looking at interwebs forums. A number of these, admittedly, have to do with WoW, and a number of them have to do with wank and things that are terrible. In a few of these forums I've found fresh discussions about the issue of males v. females in video games, an issue which always raises my hackles. In particular, one girl was questioning unhappily why she, as a female night elf hunter, was seemingly such a target in battlegrounds. Several people responded with their hate of that exact combination, with one person even saying that it's because most female night elves are not played by females, but by young men who are sexually aroused by the sight of their own character.

I don't care if this is true. The generalization aggravates me anyway, possibly because I know--I KNOW--that's the assumption people have--on both Alliance and Horde--when they see Eulalia in BG. People ALWAYS, ALWAYS talk to me as if the person behind the character is a man. Never once has anyone assumed that I might, in fact, be female, and here's why.

1. Not only is Eulalia a female night elf hunter, she is--much as I don't like to admit it--one of the best geared characters on her current server, and on most servers, honestly. This will become less and less true as more new armor sets are introduced, but at the moment Eulalia is second only to hunters in full Naxx gear (of which there are very few, since only a handful of guilds have even cleared Naxxramas). Therefore, I MUST BE A MAN, because GIRLS DON'T RAID LOL and WHEN THEY DO it's ALWAYS healer classes. Fuck you.

2. I PvP a LOT. I am the only actual female night elf hunter I know who PvPs with any regularity whatsoever. Again, the assumption is that even if girls do in fact play the game, they don't PvP, because it's an aggressive, competitive activity. Obviously not suited for the vagina. Fuck. you.

3. Not only do I PvP a lot, I kill a lot of people. I'm not saying I'm awesome at PvP. I have good and bad runs like everyone else. But I do kill a lot of people, because, well, I do it all the time, one eventually learns the tricks if one is engaged in the business long enough. Apparently there's an assumption that female players, when they DO play the game and when they DO (perhaps during a bout of PMS) choose to PvP, they're awful at it. I have known some awful female PvPers, but I attribute this to their inability to press buttons instead of stare off into space, not their genitalia. That's right. Fuck you.

I'm considering taming a pet and naming it 'OwnedByAGirl,' just because these kinds of discussions irritate me so much, and it irritates me EVEN MORE when people REFUSE TO BELIEVE that I'm female when I inform them that I am because I am tired of being referred to with inaccurate pronouns.

I want the next undead mage I two-shot to know who's fucking hitting him.
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

and another thing

I hear a lot about girls saying they play male characters in order to avoid dealing with the problems that arise when revealing their true gender, or that, even if they play females, they avoid confirming/denying their gender for as long as possible. It's not that I fail to understand this reasoning. It's just that it infuriates me. Why should women have to hide who they are to ensure their comfort, and to assure men that their hermetically sealed homogeny hasn't been compromised by the V? Why should I have to hem and haw about the fact that I have breasts TO AVOID COMMENTS I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HEAR IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE? No. No. I'm not hiding the fact that I'm a woman who plays games, not for you, not for anybody. You can fucking find a fire and fucking die in it.

As a note, this is the real reason why I become so defensive when people argue with me over game knowledge/mechanics--things that I KNOW TO BE TRUE, but which people in my raiding guild and elsewhere INSISTED on arguing with me about because OH NOES a girl can't really understand these things! I've FORGOTTEN more about this game THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW, MOTHERFUCKER. Believe it.