November 23rd, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


I. I came home last night and worried because I didn't see Patches (the kitty featured in the icon) at all, but then when I sat down at the computer this morning she jumped into my lap (where she currently sits, purring). I love her <3

II. So here is an illustration of how my home interwebs pwns my dorm interwebs: the 400+MB patch that Blizzard is having everyone preload? Was started last night here and is now at 98% completion. At school? It was running for a few days and was still, last I saw, at around 30% completion, nevermind the fact that this was 30% of the 38 MB patch that comes before the 400+ one, nevermind the fact that I don't even KNOW what's going on with it--because the downloader icon disappeared and YET my WoW latency was mysteriously awful yesterday afternoon and midway through the evening previous. Like everything was dandy until around 11 on Tuesday night, when I was in Zul'Gurub--my latency suddenly went to 800-900 and stayed there, then when I logged in Wednesday afternoon, it started OUT at 1000 and remained in that range until I had to go. Is it the downloader? I don't know, because the icon disappeared after my computer locked up last night and had to be restarted. Hnnh.

III. Anyway, that's a problem that can't be even looked at until I go back to school, which isn't until Sunday. In the meanwhiles, I have to finish my workshop story >_>

IV. Last day of classes is the 6th, I believe, but the exam period extends through the 14th. I'm not sure how this is going to work re: me going home, and I'm not sure if I'm expected to keep the lab open during the exam period either ... I guess I should find out about that.

V. Burning Crusade is being released the same day on which I go back to class. Wicked burn :(

VI. Hi autophanous, I was worried<3