November 26th, 2006

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Feeling unwell. I'm on the brink of finishing the rewrite of Silence, which I have renamed Artifacts, and which I have decided needs to be longer, so the part I am submitting for re-workshopping will be only the first. But I have not arrived at a satisfying stopping point yet. There are a few scenes between me and there.

I think I'm only just now realizing how much my dorm room looks like a cell. The walls are completely bare. Maybe that's what's making me feel lonely. Lack of cats and general roommate unfriendliness doesn't help.

I'm wondering where I've put my camera. I'm almost certain I brought it with me but I don't know where I've set it down. Damn.

I'm this close to joining myspace like a tool. pull me back.

O yeah and I almost died this Thanksgiving. Here's how:

I was down the street for the event, because my mom and her friends like to rotate holiday obligations around (I think we've got Christmas Eve). I was upstairs watching four little girls while my brother worked on their dvd player, which wasn't reading discs. For this purpose, the TV cabinet had been removed somewhat from its alcove, in order so that Bryan could get at the dvd player's wiring. The TV in question is fifty inches tall and weighs ~400 lbs. This will be important in a moment.

I sat down on a little girl sized chair that was right in front of the TV to look over their dvd collection, which they had stored in several drawers built into the cabinet. Most of these drawers were pulled out, and they were all laden with movies. As I was trying to figure out how many Disney films this family owned, the entire setup came crashing down on me--400 lb TV and cabinet and all.

I had the good, if futile, sense to hold up my hands, but the weight was too much for me and I was pinned to the chair, unable to move or breathe.

Fortunately, my brother was right next to me. He shouted for me to move as he grabbed the TV and lifted it just enough for me to wriggle free. Thus Thanksgiving--and less importantly my life--was saved. Huzzah?