January 7th, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I thought I had ruined Leliel's beautiful LCD monitor by using too much isopropyl alcohol in my attempt to clean her last night. There was a patch in the upper left hand corner that made all colored backgrounds look as though they were overshadowed, due to what my brother informed me was severely damaged pixels. He went on a tirade about how I don't think about anything and don't care of what I own etc and I went to bed and felt bad about it. Then this morning most of the patch has magically disappeared. If I focus on that area I can still see a small ripple of shadow, but it's barely noticeable compared to the huge dark spot that was there before. Soo that's nice -_-

On an unrelated note, my brother's friend called him and said that he was abandoning his Warcraft account, but it's paid until the 19th, so Bryan could play it if he wished. Bryan gave me the username and password and I logged in to the character to gquit his guild and tell them what was going on (not in that order of course). The thing is, the guild the character was in was a Naxx guild ... as had my brother's guild been before it. So this character is an extremely, extremely well-equipped warlock. He didn't have any tier 3, but he had 4/5 Doomcaller (the AQ lock set), a Naxx offhand (eye of Nerub), Neltharion's Tear, etc etc. Tons of +spell damage epics.

Soo I decided to have some fun with him. Keep in mind that the owner of this account hadn't logged him in ages, so he wasn't even spec'd. I respecced him to affliction and went to town. It was amazing. His Corruption alone, ALONE, did almost 400 damage per tick. Even when I was killed, I could sit there as a corpse and watch my enemies bleed to death from the massive DoTs. It was twice as good when they tried to eat food to overcome the bleeding but the regeneration wasn't enough to match the DoT damage. Mmm, imbalance.