February 26th, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Terrible day today, mostly due to the throbbing pain in my tooth that persisted from about mid-afternoon to right the nows. That and I was at school from 8:30 AM to 7:40 PM, which just isn't anybody's idea of fun.

I'm not sure what could be wrong with my teeth. It may be a cavity, although I couldn't see one. It may have something to do with my gums, but they haven't been bleeding. And it may be impacted, because my last very ingrown wisdom was never removed. I'm kinda hoping it's a cavity that I can't see because those are the cheapest to fix. I guess I won't know until I see the dentist.

Anyway, the pain has made me very cranky and contributed to an overall darkening of the mood.

I must ask:
Have you ever been angry with someone(s) but you're not sure you're justified in it, and you're too afraid to talk about it because you don't want to seem foolish? So you just keep being angry about it and hoping it'll eventually go away?
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