April 2nd, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I will probably not get a chance to play much WoW tonight or at all this week, so much is the work that I have to be doing. I hope to squeeze in at least or two quick Steamvaults runs (even if I have to pug the damn thing) though because I am SO CLOSE to revered that I can taste it, taste it in my mouf. And then I get the Heroic key, yaye. Next I'll work on Lower City faction so I can get the Heroic key for Auchindoun. Keepers of Time will have to be last ... I'm not even into Honored with those bitches yet :( I went on a pickup for Steamvaults last night and it went very well (& I'm not just saying that because at the end the warrior told me I was an awesome hunter ... no, not at all)

But today, besides being at school until 7:30, I have to finish my annotated biblio, write two assignments for creative non-fic, and read and comment on three stories for tonight's workshop. I've already done the last thing and I'm about half-done with the biblio ... I might allow myself to log in for a moment if I can finish most of the biblio before I leave school today. Who knoes.