June 23rd, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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Bleh, the one time in ages I feel like searching out new comix to read (or cringe at) and onlinecomics.net is down :|

Best thing I've found so far lately is What Birds Know, I don't know why, but everything about it just really appeals to me. Sort of a Disney/manga sensibility in style (for which I am a sucker), good dialogues, and the story starts out slowly but by its current point becomes hella bizarre. Too bad it's on hiatus til mid-July.

Reading other comics makes me think about Karma Slave, which I go and look at sometimes with a sort of wistful fondness, before shaking my head, sighing, and walking away. I actually drew several more pages past what's currently posted, but ... I don't know, I like drawing, but I'm simply not that good at it lol. I hate to abandon KS though, because honestly, I think the storyline and characters are great, and I think the story itself is worth telling. But maybe a comic by me is not the best way to tell it. I don't know. Sorry, KS peoples :( I luv u :(
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