June 25th, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

happy haps

I have been so god damned frustrated with WoW lately, but yesterday I got to go here and help a friend's guild with their first ever kill of this guy, followed by a few cracks at this fellow. Which was hella fun D:


A little while ago a friend of mine in my dept. at grad school invited me to her place for loonch, which was also fun, and interesting ... first of all, I was proud of myself for finding her place (she lives down in the town), and secondly, I ended up staying there for about three hours. We talked a lot a lot a lot about religion, with it going a bit like this:

ME: enh ... i don't know
HER: Jesus saves <3

Now the heart there is important, because she wasn't pushy or obnoxious, just very deep-seated in her beliefs. It was enlightening for me to discuss the issue with someone who was insistent on the truth of her convictions but at the same time not actively trying to push them onto me.

Also she fixed egg salad, which I thought I would hate (owing to the mayonnaise thing), but which was actually delicious :o my palate seems to be expanding with age.


today i must buy groceries.