November 1st, 2007

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.


I'm not doing Nanowrimo (given my schedule, that enterprise would end ONLY IN TEARS), but I do want to try to write a bit of SOMETHING every day. I have GOT to work on my discipline, although this semester is doing its damnedest to suck out the delicious cream filling of my soul. Next week is going to be extra-lame, since I'm on the chopping block for workshop AND I have to Present in a different class, which means Two Instances of Judging :( three if you count whatever horrible thing my professor for the latter class will say about the sham of an abstract i turned in

BTW, it is my goal/plan to complete Claris Project in its current form by the end of the winter break, which will free my mind to focus almost entirely on my thesis. I say almost entirely because I will still be working on Eulstory, which I reckon will function as a palate cleanser during thesis-work (which I expect to be bloody difficult, with a direct emphasis on the blood).
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