February 27th, 2010

Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

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I've been applying for jobs like a fiend. A FIEND. At least two or three every day for the past few weeks. All I really want to do is teach, but that isn't going to be an option until probably August at the earliest, and that's, you know, SIX MONTHS FROM NOW.

The other day I got a call from someone at Prometric, which is a test administration company--I applied to be a proctor, since, hey, I'm good at administering tests. SADLY I MISSED THE CALL. /KICKS SELF
I called her back first thing this morning, but it's Saturday so I got an answering machine. I really hope I haven't blown this particular opportunity, since this sort of thing would be the perfect interim position while I wait for teaching work. I am telling myself that I will just call her again on Monday and it will be fine, but nnnhgh. /KICKS SELF AGAIN

I also got a request for an interview from Macy's. Retail is probably the last thing I want to do unless it relates to selling books (and bookstores aren't hiring :E), but. Job's a job. However, their scheduling site has no times available presently, so I'm just going to ... keep checking and sitting on my hands otherwise?

Lastly I am also looking into getting licensed to teach high school. teaandfailure's mother has been super-helpful in this regard; I'm going to a session on Tuesday at the University about it, thanks to her information.


p.s. my cats vomited on my bed and now I am washing all the bedding ugh