October 15th, 2010

Adrasteius: Oh yes, son.  I'm talking to you.

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OK, so altanachan and I are going to Blizzcon next week. I'm hoping to meet some cool people (/wave at ilaniel, biodisaster, bindonpickup), but one thing I kind of really want to do, if I can, is go to the Lore Q&A panel and ask if the RPG books are valid canon.

Because I don't think they are and I want someone official to tell me so, so that I have some ammunition when a pompous jackass tries to tell me that a messy, outdated set of books are Law to which we should all adhere rigidly. Of course, I disagree with the assertion that almost any piece of lore needs rigid adherence, but I'm tired of folks trotting out the RPG sourcebooks like they're an argument finisher, especially re: elf ages.

Lmao this is a really nerdy post. I'm gonna go get ready for volunteering now ......