September 5th, 2011

Zuko: Please don't let me be misundersto

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Unlocked, because it's unlocked at my tumblr, so what the hey.

“My name is Mordecai, seventeenth prince of the Lower Kingdom,” he declared. His voice was not unpleasant—in fact it was quite rich and even, scratched only by the guttural inflection of someone unused to talking. Clothes formed on his body as he stood up; knee high, deer-skin boots, crimson velvet breeches, a black doublet, and a long, black surcoat embroidered with red trim. A gold fob watch hung from a chain at his waist and a pair of pince-nez appeared on the bridge of his nose; the effect of the latter was especially unsettling, like putting a cravat on a bloodhound.

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