a shyness that is criminally vulgar (lynstraine) wrote,
a shyness that is criminally vulgar

North Node of the Moon in Gemini

In a prior life, lyn, you were a complete free spirit, letting the wind take you wherever you wanted to go, without concern for others. You traveled far on spiritual or philosophical quests, gaining knowledge wherever you went.

Your thirst for knowledge for a number of lifetimes has left you unfocused. You see all of possibilities, lyn, but can not see the whole picture. If you can see a complete picture, you have difficulty seeing yourself in relationship to it.

You have possibly spent lifetimes as a religious mystic, philosopher, academic or even a transient.

There is a tendency to spread yourself so thin that your constant activities keep you from determining your purpose in this life.

In this lifetime, lyn, you beginning a socialization process. In prior lives, you were not concerned about what you said or the effects of your words. Truth at all costs was your motto.

This time, you are aware that brutal honesty can be offensive to others. So, you are more careful about the words you choose, the time you speak and your gestures. Still, sometimes, you prior life's bad habits show up at inopportune moments.

In order to maintain balance between your two karmic doorways, you need to integrate yourself back into society. Learn that knowledge is wonderful, lyn, but becomes meaningless when not used for your improvement or for the improvement of others.

That's right man... TRUTH AT ALL COSTS.

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