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Because I know you care.

1. Have you created any original characters?

2. That weren't intended for a fanfic?
Yes, but since I guess this quiz is intended for those types, that excludes the cast of Clarity. Alath.

3. If so, how many?
Ar. Lots.

4. Any favorites?
I love them all equally. :B Although some, like Sean, are more fun to write than others just because of their, um, strange perspectives.

5. Any that you can relate to?
I would say Claris, since she's based on me, but I can't really relate to her situation that well. Actually I would say that I can relate to all of my characters on some level, since I think being able to relate to a character is what makes you like them...and I do love all my characters, even the annoying or lame ones.

6. Any that you would like to *be*?
Not especially. Though, actually, maybe it would be fun to be Omnes. XD (I know he's in Clarity, but he's also a 'general' character, meaning he could appear in any story. so he counts. yes.)

7. Do you remember what the first fictional character you ever created was?
Yes~ it was Lysistrata, or L.J., for a Secret of Mana fanfic. Now she is in Clarity.
... okay, let's just forget this whole 'excluding Clarity' thing.

8. Nicest of your original characters?
Oh gee... probably Kaitlyn, or Metatron. I'm not sure who would win in a competition of Niceness between them. Metea and Xin would be in that running as well.

9. Evillest character?
Eh well... one of my first villains was a 1-dimensional fellow named Rien who was pretty evil, but really I would have to give 'most evil' to Samael. He's been a very naughty man.

10. Weird character?
Most of my characters are pretty weird... but the title of hyper freakmonster goes to Lucius. Delilah, also, is obviously very weird, but she's not a main character and won't really have her weirdness developed. n_n Also Roan. Weird in terms of being complete sociopaths, that's probably Donovan, Sean, and at times Sattva. (Roan's crazy too, but she's much more innocuous than Donovan and Sean) Umm.. Mayavada only seems weird, but he's actually quite sane.

11. Most annoying?
I imagine a great deal of people find Lucius and Claris to be annoying. ^_^;;

12. Sexiest character?
Gee.. umm.. :B; Probably Sean. But, my ideal man is Xin.
Some people seem to think that Pathos is sexy also, despite the fact that he's missing half of his face. Cadmiel THINKS he's sexy. XD

13. Strangest backstory?
CK/Chibimana, Sean (man, he's everywhere... well, he is one of the more developed characters), Lucius, Donovan, Samael & Gabriel (they are a unit when it comes to backstory)... most of the Clarity villains have some odd backstory (Peri & Harmatia, Pathos obviously, and Charon too though he's not a villain...). I know, I know, so indecisive...and there's more I'm forgetting. Oh wait. METATRON.

14. Biggest plot twist attached?
Let's see, well, there's the fact that Metatron is... wait, can't say that... um, Samael is the way he is because... wait, can't say that either.. Lucius is actually--... Sinclair and Metea-- crap. I can't say. :B

15. Do you prefer to make up villains or heros?
I think it's easier to give a villain an interesting history, but I like making them both. The fact of the matter is that generally people want a reason for evilness (I mean, I know I do), but you don't really need a reason to be a good person. So an evil person often necessitates a good backstory to support their madness. Not that evil for the sake of evil isn't fun to write also.

16. Speaking of which, do you have a favorite hero from your original characters?
Ha ha, Alistair. He's the only character of mine that's really very heroic, traditionally. Cadmiel and Tialiel are pretty heroic also. And Jada and Kiera. n_n The units.

17. Favourite villain?
Donovan. XD;;

18. Do you ever associate songs with any of your characters?
Hellz yes. n_n

19. Any character that you'd like to write a whole story about?
Most of them. ^_^;;

20. And finally, has anyone else created an original character that you really, really like? (and sort of wished you'd thought of yourself?)
I'm going to steal B's answer and say I've envied certain characters in most stories I've read, if they were any good--but also I've really loved the RP characters of many people I know. And very much envied them. Particularly those of half of my friends list. :B;; (in other words, everyone who's created RP characters I've seen)

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