a shyness that is criminally vulgar (lynstraine) wrote,
a shyness that is criminally vulgar


i still read my friends list on the regular but i mostly exist over on tumblr these days! also twitter.

  • moar meme

    More memery. CADMIEL. 1. Do you like this character? Oh yuss. I love everyone in Claris Project, excepting maybe Shateiel (ok, I love him…

  • claris project; final chapter

    Submitted for your approval. “Go … good morning, Shateiel,” Leliel said. “Morning, Lily,” Shateiel said. He had never called her by that name…

  • claris chapter 12

    I'm just gonna post this to LJ for nowh X3 it's not too long, as this chapter has a v. specific purpose, and therefore lacks an extensive B-story…

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